Best vpn for iphone and all devices in all countries

In this post we will talk about the best vpn for iphone; We will also talk not about one, but about several VPN that will help us stay safe when surfing the internet.

best vpn for iphone and android

But also, we must bear in mind very well that: to use the VPN applications that we will mention below we will need to use our connection to our social networks.

It is here where we will take advantage of the social networks that they give us for free to connect to the entire internet, whether to play games, to download, stream or do other things.

And the best thing is that we will surf the internet in a hidden way without them knowing where we are by our GPS or our cell phone IP.

The promotion of a recharge already depends on each company in each country.

It is then here that we will take advantage of these VPN to connect to the internet having only unlimited Facebook or WhatsApp.

we will use a vpn connection that we will mention below to have free internet on our iphone or android.

Next we will mention the vpn that will allow you to connect to the internet.

Anonytun Black Apk.

The anonytun black application is undoubtedly one of the best vpn for iphone for its easy handling. In addition to this, you do not need servers to connect to the internet.

Configurate vpn anonytun black

For this application, we only need to know its configuration, the configuration can be found in YOUTUBE, since there are many tutorials on how to configure the anonytun.

But, as this application is free, we will be able to browse the internet in a Limited way.

More we will not be able to use it to play online games, stream, watch movies and series on Netflix, or Disneyplus among other pages.

If we want to be connected and access the entire internet without restrictions we will need to pay a subscription every month.

If you want to try the Anonytun black I leave you here or you can download it from the playStore and draw your own conclusions.

Anonytun Black download.


The Http injector is one of the most famous applications to have free internet and navigate in a hidden way on our iPhone or Android.

download server vpn http injector ehi

In order to connect to the internet, the only thing we will need is to get the application and its http injector servers (ehi).

The application can be obtained from the same playStore, and its server (ehi) is easy, but many people give it away and others sell it for very comfortable prices.

You may be wondering where do I get the servers? or how much do http injector servers sell? The answer is easy, you can get it for free in the youtube videos or in the comments section of youtube.

http injector download.


Server 1 (ehi) download.


Server 2 (ehi) download.

If you are looking for http injector servers (ehi), here are 2 for you to use. I will update the server every week for those who return to this publication.


The http Custom is similar to the http injector and has an almost similar functionality. but the http custom give us a connection without drops unlike the http injector.

download vpn http custom for iphone

Also, we must know that http Custom servers are a little difficult to get.

in this case I don't have a custom http server but I will let you download the custom http application; or if you want, you can go to the playStore and download it.

Download http custom apk.



Drop vpn is one of the applications that are easily used, since you do not need servers or pay monthly subscriptions for the use of this application. You can use this application to download, upload files among many other things.

download drop vpn

In order to use this application, the only thing we will need is to have facebook or whatsapp.

To use this application we will not need to pay a subscription, we will only need to download the application and that's it!

How to use this application?

If you have unlimited internet and you only want to use the VPN to protect yourself from browsing the internet, just check the option of any country and click on the connect button and that's it.

If you do not have internet and you only have unlimited facebook or whatsapp, just do this small configuration and then click on connect.
Wait 10 seconds and ready to enjoy this application.

download drop vpn

donwload best vpn for iphone free

Download Drop Vpn

I have always used the VPN DROP application, but when I lost my phone and wanted to download this VPN I never found it again in the playstore. So I had to look it up on the internet again and I found it.

¿What is the best vpn for iphone and all devices?

There are many VPN to be able to maintain your privacy when you want to surf the internet.

But if you are looking for a good VPN, the most recommended is to use the DROP VPN, since if you have unlimited internet you can connect and surf in a hidden way.

And if you don't have internet, you can still use the DROP VPN to connect to the internet using whatsapp or facebook, in addition to the fact that you are going to surf the internet in a hidden way.

For example, in my country, for a dollar they give me unlimited calls, unlimited text messages, unlimited facebook, twitter, tiktok and instagram, 2GB of data to surf the internet all for 3 days and also; whatsapp for 30 days.

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